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Monday, September 27, 2010


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Country Loli

Country Lolita refers to the Victorian Country side fashion for young girls.

The fashion of Country Loli is derived from Sweet Loli. It shares the same prints and floral/fruity details. The main different is the look that Country portrays.

Country Loli takes inspiration form Anne of Greengables, Pollyanna, Little Women and the like. They have straw hats and straw baskets for bags. Their appearance is always for the warm day country outing.

Most Country Loli ensembles are casuals. The prints are lights colored and vibrant. Small details like berries, sun, big bows and flowers are ever present. Hair styles are usually braided like Pollyanna or let down. Make-up is light and minimal. Naturals are the pallet of choice.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Activities of the Victorian Era

Those of the noble class had a lot of leisure time. They were paid well by the crown and they were exempt from taxes, so they had time and money.
Usually, ladies hosted a lot of things from soirée to maskings (masquerade balls).

There were also a lot of small everyday activities women partake.

  • Picnic- Picnics in lush parks were common. It was done during Sundays with family or on any sunny day with friends.
  • Grooming. Ladies and gentlemen had to always appear respectable and of best appearance. During gathering, ladies and gentlemen go off on their own to barter gossip and grooming tips.
  • Visits. The younger generation of the Victorian nobility loved to visit each other. On days they do not, they send notes to each other.

These three activities are suggestions you can do with friends. It would be in the spirit of Victorianism to also dress the part.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Victorian Sensibilities

The Victorian Era is the main inspiration of Lolitas. It spanned from late 18th Century to 19th Century. It's impact on fashion, industry and sensibility have impacted the modern world.
There were so many things happening in the Victorian Era. For one thing, England has another female monarch, Queen Victoria. It was also in this era where classes were rising all over Europe and the starting American states. Classes were no longer divided between nobility and commoners. Thanks to the industrialization sweeping the world, there were rich versus poor and more so, a new class rose, the middle class. Through the middle class, another class was given birth, the Intellectuals. Even here in the Philippines, we were touched by this Victorianism of Enlightened Thinkers. Our very propagandists were part of this. They were not tiled yet they had resources to rise above their "common" status. They dressed like the Spanish oppressors and even went as far as to study and dabble into arts.

There was a battle of styles and wealth. By this time, a good portion of the world is conquered. Europe had taken it's lion share of colonies. Wealth from all over the world poured into the great cities. Orientalism rose.

Many things in the Victorian Era was radical and exploratory. Gothic literature rose and blossomed. It became more defined and highly romanticized. Romance had a different outlook. Since many of the Victorian people married for wealth and title, they expressed their love through art and literature. Queen Victorian might have married for love but her subjects did not. By this time, most of the nobilities were in debt and penniless. The rising rich untitled people had what they needed. The title nobility had only two options, to marry within the family or to marry out of the class. This theme recurs in Gothic Literature. There is always a contrast that is not seen with the eye but with the mind.

Even through the upheavals and revolutions, Victorians are very conservative and traditional. They tried to hang on to the nostalgic details of the century and it carried to the next. There were things that must be made a certain way, clothing worn a certain occasions and ways to act in certain eras. For Example, they had a certain mode of clothing for the Ascots (Horse Race). The theater was another thing, they had to be their grandest especially on opening night. Unmarried women had to wear bonnets and wimples but married women were allowed to have their hair loose. Men enjoyed a freer lifestyle but they were expected to run businesses that should support his families lifestyle.


Well, readers, I'd like to go in depth on the Victorian Era but ti might take ten pages. I hope what I typed is informative. I try to incorporate what's happening in our history as much as possible. until next time.
You may also suggest topics and I could research into it.
Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gothic and Lolita Manga

I found this manga and would like to share it to you. It's title is Bizenghast. The story is interesting and very catchy. The Girl, Dina, dresses very Lolita. The story is dark and very Gothic.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What makes it Cosplay Lolita?

What makes it Cosplay Lolita and not just an ordinary Lolita?

Cosplay being as it is means costume play. You are playing or portraying a certain character. It could be an animal too in the case of cats and rabbits which are popular Lolita animals. It is a very costumey type of Lolita.

Common themes of Cosplay Lolita:
  • Maid
  • Cat
  • White Rabbit
  • Alice and other Wonderland Characters
  • Hello Kitty
  • Nurses
  • Anime Characters
  • Japanese Students
Goru and Ero are bordering on Cosplay because they are portrayals of different roles.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gothic and Lolita

So what's the different between Gothic and Lolita?

Lolita is the common name for all the types that belong to this sub-culture. Gothic Lolita is the term widely spread but it is only a type.

Lolitas take inspiration for Victorian and Edwardian. They portray a child-like and almost doll like appearance. All Lolitas are elegant but maintaining this "cuteness."

The classic Lolita mainly takes it's look from the Victorian Porcelain dolls. It is all lakes up ruffled to the maximum. It is conservative yet the dresses are knee level. They always wear petty coats or bloomers.
This Classic Lolita look might look flighty and whimsical but it actually demure and sophisticated. Classic Lolita has this elegant bell shaped skirt and long socks. This silhouette is the pattern for all the Lolita types.

The Gothic Lolita is a darker take from the Classic Lolita. Tones and shades are darker. The colors are usually richer like Deep Red, Burgundy, Royal Blue and Purple. Black Dominates the scene. Gothic Lolita details are a little different. In the Classic Lolita, edges are soft, rounded and ruffled. Gothic Lolita has it's fair share of ruffles and lace but the edges and collars are pointed. They have a gloomy and almost haunting undertone. To achieve this, they usually put on heavy eye make up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Congrats winner of the Lolita Category!

Congratulation Katrina Doria (One in Pink) for winning the 1st ever Lolita Category of Hobbifest Cosplay! Thank you friends for joining!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lolita Fashion and the Lifestyle

First of all, Lolita is not the same as the Vladimir Nabokov novel that features the sexual encounters of a young girl to an old man.

Lolita Fashion takes it's inspiration from Victorian and Rococo. It is a unique blend of nostalgic details and modern cuts. The style originated in Japan and has now grown into different sub-genres. It has also spread tot he whole world.

Lolita Fashion strives to look cute rather than sexy. Apart from Ero Loli, Lolita Fashion has nothing to do with sex. Lolita Fashion looks more like a child of the Victorian or a porcelain doll. There are lots of lace, ruffles and ribbons. There is no detail spared. Lolitas are to much in the extremes.

Most Lolitas would be insulted that the outfits they wear are called costumes. It is a special and unique apparel. Wearing the get-up also entails staying true to the Victorian lifestyle. This means Lolitas tune into the lady-like ettiquettes and soft spoken manners while in outfit.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lolita Meet at Tsok Nut, SM Makati

When: March 6, 2010, Saturday 3pm onwards
Where: Tsoko Nut, 2nd Floor SM Makati
(After Kultura and McDo)

Attire: Lolita

Theme: Alice and Wonderland
Not a Tea party but a Hot Chocolate Party.

We're Philippinizing Lolitas through Tsokolate batirol. Come and bring your friends.